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Jill Pavel is a self-made female entrepreneur hailing from Central New Jersey, TN. Pavel started her journey in the music industry in 2013 with her best foot forward, and never looked back. She has found phenomenal success in artist development and management, public relations, A&R, along with major record label services, all while holding her own and being the CEO and founder of two major independent companies, Publicity Nation PR, and Heart Songs Music Group. Pavel manages ElectraQueens (formerly The Highway Women) as well as viral Tik Tok sensation, singer-songwriter, actor, musician Cory Singer, Bailey James, ElectraQueens and more.  Pavel is a true renaissance woman and a “jack of all trades” – her work ethic and drive inspire many others, and her attitude, passion, and hustle are admirable.


Heart Songs Music Group is a major record label distributor, playlister, management, artist development, consultation and marketing.

Publicity Nation is a public relations agency serving the music, entertainment and lifestyle community. Media Pitching, Appearances and more.

Digital Media Outlet serving the entire music, influencer and entertainment community since 2014.


“In an Industry where it feels like most people are out for themselves and what’s ‘in it for them’, Jill and the Publicity Nation team are a BREATH of fresh air. Jill truly cares. She wants your success as much you do. She’ll push you when you need it, she’ll find the holes in your business model and help you fill them, and she’ll be an ear and a shoulder when you’re navigating the ups and downs of your career. I have worked with a lot of industry professionals, and I count myself really lucky to have Jill on my team.”

Hannah Anders (Vocal Coach, Touring & Performing Artist)

When it is time to show up and deliver, Jill Pavel and her team are always on time and always deliver.

Adam Millner (Artist Development & Management)

I have NEVER gotten an editorial playlist until I started working with Jill.  Heart Songs Music Group has revitalized my career!

DeVries Music

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